Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Hey y'all. It's been a LONG time since I've been in this space. To say I've had a lot going on is an understatement. I'll share more later, but to ease back into it, I'm taking a challenge from +Abby Land for a little runner Q & A...

1.)  Location: Trail, Road or Indoors?Road --- but there maaaaaay be some trails in my future. Stay tuned ;)
2.)  Time of day:  Morning, Noon or Evening?Morning!! I am no good to run in the evenings. I love a good social run, but it seems to keep me up for hours. I love watching the sunrise on my run.
3.)  Weather:  Sunshine, Mild or Hot?I live in Charleston. If it can be under 80 (degrees and humidity percentage) I'm good.
4.)  Fuel:  Before, After and sometimes during?This has been the toughest part of my training. I hydrate well and fuel on runs over 8 miles. 
5.)  Accessories:  Music, Watch or more?I always have music...sometimes podcasts. And a basic watch. I like my RunKeeper app, but do hope to upgrade to a GPS watch at some point.

6.)  Rewards:  Food, wine or ?????
I love wine and hot chocolate (even though I don't each much chocolate...it's soothing). After long runs, though, I often crave fries or onion rings...with a salad! I also agree with the idea of an aversion to foods based on consistency. I can't stand things that can't be easily chewed. Dried fruit, raisins, gummies coconut...just to name a few. 
7.)  Type of run: Long, tempo, intervals, hill repeats, progression, or recovery/easy?
I don't do a lot of speedwork. I tend to be a little speedier on the greenway (flat, straight), a bit slower on the bridge or on hills. Even slower if I'm chatting, but socializing worth the trade-off. Once per week long runs. 
That's all for now. Hope this inspires me to blog more often. Thanks, +Abby!

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