Tuesday, July 19, 2011

First Sleepover Friend

So, Sully had his first sleepover on Saturday. Our good friends, Doug and Jules, came down from Philly with their adorable son, Edan. They were actually the first people who we told we were expecting, as we were staying with them and I didn't want them to think I was terribly ill from the morning/all-day sickness I was experiencing. Doug and Jules called a few months later with the exciting news that Sully would have an instant best buddy, due just one month after he was to enter the world. Well, Sully was a little too excited to join us and Edan was apparently very cozy in the womb. So, they are actually two months apart. I was very proud of my Sully. He is a very good friend. He shared all his toys and was very sweet to his guests. He is not talking as much as his friend, but he is still learning.

Sully also, unfortunately, came down with a nasty virus. I hate having a sick boy. As a mom, I just feel so helpless. I must say, though, I enjoyed having some time to get things done while he was resting. Is that terrible? I am glad, though, that he is back to his old self...for better or worse. It was also a bad time for me because it really made me miss my Aunt Mary. When I was little, my mom would always call Aunt Mary to ask for advice. My first instinct when I felt his hot little forehead was to call her. Yes, I did have a little chat with her when I went out to walk Jasper. To quote the country song: "If heaven wasn't so far away...."

Edan and Sully 

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