Friday, July 15, 2011

Delayed Reactions

I have, for many reasons, been incredibly busy the last few weeks and have not been able to blog. Hopefully soon I can catch up and post some of the exciting things that have been happening. In the meantime, I came to a strange realization today. I seem to always discover things just as they are being discontinued. I've never been much of a trendsetter or even follower, but I hate stumbling upon things just as they are making an exit.

I am already not looking forward to not having the excitement and...let's face it...eye candy from Lie to Me and Human Target next season. I hate thay I was left hanging on The Unit and Without a Trace. And American Dreams? The best show on TV. All canceled. Meanwhile, crap like Jersey Shore and ridiculous reality TV shows are still popular.

The latest example is a chai latte creamer. I like a good chai every now and then and I found that Coffee-Mate makes it. Or, more accurately, MADE it. Yep, bought some discounted (with coupon) with the label "LAST CHANCE" staring at me. This is, in fact, my second experience with discontinued chai. The first was Harris-Teeter's exceptional decaf sugar-free version.

I could go on, but I think I'll stop here. I need to get out and do some things before I miss them.

Happy Weekend!

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