Monday, June 6, 2011

Let's get it started

Ok, so I've jumped on the blog bandwagon. Where to begin? I'll save all the juicy bits for later, but first want to do some "about me" stuff to get started. Here are ten random factoids:

1. I am the queen of random factoids. People who are around me long enough tend to know that. I am also a natural concierge. I may not know a lot about X, but I can get you to the person who does. The fact that I do museum interpretation and visitor services is directly due to these talents.

2. I'm good at darts. And bowling.

3. I am a trained storm spotter. Not to be confused with a storm chaser. I, along with my friend Christine, call into the "batphone" to report weather phenomena.

4. When I was small, I wanted to be a newscaster when I grew Connie Chung. Funny, now my husband has a crush on Anne Curry. I also used to give tours of my hometown to visiting relatives (see point #1).

5. I don't like raisins or dried fruit in general. Or coconut. Something about the texture.

6. I should've been a city planner.

7. I had a lot of names planned for my future children that my parents thought were weird. I think they're happy with my choice for my son's name, although it is still not common.

8. I think my eyebrows are my best feature.

9. My favorite state is Iowa and my favorite president is Calvin Coolidge. Don't ask why unless you want a really long explanation.

10. I like to watch Cops and other true crime shows. I blame this on my Granny, since she always had a police scanner on when I visited her house.

So, folks, what else would you like to know?

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