Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Pet Peeves, Part Two

In the few short months I've lived in Annapolis, I think I've experienced every major pet peeve I have. Let me just get through a few.

1. Please don't block the sidewalk. I like to walk my boy and dog. I don't like being forced onto the street so that you can park your car or ride your bike. Yes, I'm the mom who scolds kids for riding their bike on the sidewalk. Read your bike laws, folks. And what's up with the sidewalks that end? I love Shel Silverstein as much as the next gal, but what are people s'pose to do with strollers or, heaven forbid, wheelchairs? Also, if you want to stroll and chat with your friend, do not walk side-by-side and take up the whole stinkin' sidewalk. Oh, and if you choose to wear uncomfortable footwear, please step aside and let people who wear sensible shoes pass.

1B. Do NOT block my driveway. Yes, my godawful neighbors park head-in (which is technically illegal). Not to mention there are often 7 (count 'em SEV-EN) cars, so I can't pull directly out of my driveway. Eek.

2. Why can people not understand traffic circles and four-way stops? I think this may deserve it's own post on another day.

3. I sometimes wish I could go to that magical place where people who do not let you merge think you are going. Hang up and drive, folks.

4. If I am in a crosswalk, I have the law and common sense on my side. Stop. I promise to walk briskly. If you want to cross the street, please do so in a crosswalk. I'll stop for you -- I'm not nuts -- but I would rather not have someone rear end me in the process.

5. I'm not exactly the grammar police and I completely understand that the times are a changin', but there are some things that just grate my nerves. I know you are trying to sound intelligent, but sometimes "and me" is correct. Remember it this way: would you say "I" did (blank) or "me" did (blank)? I also remember a day when our Waffle House waitress corrected her co-worker for saying that she was "conversating." You go, girl. Don't even get me started about people asking where something is at. It works for Beck, but not in general conversation. You know, in the act of CONVERSING.

All right, enough of that. More soon.

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