Thursday, August 4, 2011

Is the Universe a Little Off?

So, this past week has been some kind of crazy. My mom is visiting, which has thrown our schedule just a litle bit off. Aside from that, it has jst seemed like everything is a bit weird. Like our car deciding to die over the weekend, L replacing the part, it not working, then we thought it was working, but then it died. On the way to work. In the middle of the road on a day when it seemed like the traffic report took up more of the news than Casey Anthony's whereabouts, the blasted heat and the debt crisis put together. We did manage to get it outta the way (thanks to some nice MPs -- it was near a Naval Academy gate) and is now being fixed. Things have also been weird at work. Some really fun stuff, some really frustrating stuff, but just some weird. Like nobody coming in during the day and then a rush at closing time. Like I said, just a little off-kilter.

Needless to say, with all this weirdness, I haven't had much time to check in here. So, it will be my goal for the next few weeks. We will soon head out on our annual trek out West, so that should give me something to look forward to...or stress about...or both. We shall see.

Take care and stay cool, everyone!

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