Thursday, March 20, 2014


One of my favorite things about visiting Winston-Salem -- maybe even more than apple fritters -- is everyone  wishing you "a blessed day." Now this is very different than "bless your heart" which could be a topic for another post.

On this particular visit, I really took this saying to heart. I have spent so much time focusing on the challenges and negative aspects of my life that I have not realized all the blessings. I also spent a lot of time doing things out of the ordinary. I had girlfriend time. I went places on the spur of the moment...just because. I reconnected with people and places that I had been missing far too long.

I truly had a blessed weekend. And I do lead a blessed life. I have had some wonderful opportunities thrown at me, from places I've visited to people who have graced my life with their presence. I could make myself miserable by counting my troubles. Or I can creative positive energy by counting my blessings. I choose the latter.

Y'all have a blessed day...

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