Saturday, March 8, 2014

I'm Steph and I'm addicted to watching golf

After a long day I didn't blog and drank too much wine. Way to not follow Lenten goals, Steph :)

So, I am blogging twice today. Similar to random things about me, I was thinking I'd share some of my guilty pleasures. Ready, set, go...

1. Bad tv. My co-worker just can't get past the idea that I do indeed watch Dance Moms, Kim of Queens, Duck Dynasty, etc. Ok. Yep. Bad.

2. Billy Idol. and Eminem. I love me some Eminem.

3. Breakfast cereal. Actually, a nutritionist told me it's a good source of fortified vitamins and minerals. And who the heck can eat it as a meal? Does not fill me's a good snack.

4. Facials. I am not fru-fru. Not into bling, manicures, etc. But, holy cow. I NEED my facials.

5. Bread and cheese. I still have chocolate sitting in the cabinet Mom gave me months ago. I could forgo sweets any day, but don't take my cheese. And gluten-free bs be damned.

6. Sports. I have always been active, but my lack of hand-eye coordination did not lend itself to organized sports. But I was a soccer manager/ref and can be a spectator with the best of 'em.

7. Thriftiness. I love a good bargain. I also love doing things like updating fridge magnets or water bottles with stickers. And, my favorite two words in the universe: FREE BOX.

8. Reusables. I have an unhealthy fascination with lunch packs, reusable containers, bees wrap, etc. The one time it caused trouble...when our janitor was instructed to throw out stuff in the fridge but not lunches. I guess my cute, practical, Japanese-style, stackable food containers did not scream out "expensive seafood packed to eat all week." Yep, about $50 worth of food in the trash. Boo.

All right. Time to get going. Stay tuned for more excitement from my world.

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